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Related article: Date : Wed, September 10, 2011 21 07th 57 -0600 From: andrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 28 n Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - broken tears 28 broken tears : com Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? All usual disclaimers apply. If you will not be reading this, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, made by me thanks to my twisted, yet erotic fantasy. I am the author. So obviously, I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. Thanks, Kev, and is available for editing. E -mail to: andrewgay41 hotmail. com ---------------------------------------------- - - - ----------------------- follow me on Twitter: http://twitter. com / # / AndrewLake3 --------------------------------------- - ------------------------ --------- Recap -Well, the last chapter of the scene you know the parents of Brandon Ty, and the party in Ben. Some friends were Brandon athlete n Ty make fun of you and tried to attack him and Brandon, the sour n Ty. But after Ty sang the song he wrote for Brandon, Brandon grew par balls and kissed him on the front of the crowd, no second thoughts about it. Trev also found to have very deep feelings for Ty, but Ty and Brandon love, decided with his father, a holiday EE. UU. -------- ------------------------------------ ------ -------- ----------------- chapter 2 to go, people ! ****************** ***** you and I - Chapter 28 *************** ****** ** [ Ty POV] n I took a step back and saw Brandon in his dark brown eyes. is shiny nose like playing with me. His lips seemed to have to kiss me, and could not, without a second it. He tried to kiss me again, but away. " Brandon, enough kisses. People are watching. " I whispEred, as it seems from a trance and looked around. She blushed, and her hand behind his neck and gently massage and awkward. " Soo... Yeah, I'm bi, and this boy is mine. That's all. " He said, by the n microphone with an embarrassed giggle at the end. I laughed when I grabbed her hand and pointed to I the stage, and we were laughing Preteen Nudism through the door. " Brandon, I can not believe I just did !" I said, by an attack of laughter. " I know... the guys looked at me like I was on fire or something. " He s said with a wry smile that came to me with his menacing bad boi. He was looking good with his hands in his pockets, his chest extends his shirt when he came to me. Could almost smell the testosterone oozing from his body when he closed the distance. I backed my back was against one of the pillars at the entrance to the cafeteria. " Brandon! No more hate. I, that hunger is looking at me once... that it feels Preteen Nudism like I am fricking Little Red Riding Hood andsted the big bad wolf. "I said with a smile, and groaned. " I am the wolf, baby... Reaaaal Imma eat well. "He said, as noted n against the wall. His lips met mine in a kiss was like hungry wild honey and the n to say. I wanted more and more. I tried to kiss deeper in their mouth, and my ​​tongue played with hers. his hands grabbed my ass and lifted me into the wall. I looked at him as we kissed. grabbed the hair and pulled him deeper into my mouth. moaned, and our desire began to quiet. began to breathe regularly again, dropping me I looked into his eyes. n "Wow. "I said, starting to feel my lips swell. His eyes were the face. " You have no idea what to do to me. " He said he hugged me, his arms wrapped around me, as he dug his face n neck. " Brandon, what's going on ? " I asked as I felt something in my trembling arms. " I love you, Ty. I've never been so vulnerable to anyone before, shit scares me. "He admitted, as II felt her tears fall on my neck. I hugged him tightly. " I'm so vulnerable to you, baby. No Supports Sun go bad. Ok ? I promise. " I said, I relaxed as the great man. She wiped her eyes, took a step back, and gently kissed me again. " Promise," he asked, clearing his throat, looking at all the new male. is I laugh. ", I promise. You cry of a baby. " I said, and put the car in running in the rain. I looked over my shoulder, and he was behind me. " I'm going to get! " He shouted with a smile. He smiled and turned to only hit someone. I was all wet and bring the other per person with me. I opened my eyes and found myself in Trevor. It s eyes were swollen and look sad. I got up and moved. "Trevor, are you okay ?" I said, when I happened to Brandon, wrapped his arms around the waist from behind and kissed my ear. ", Y- and-yes. " He stammered, looking at Brandon with a strange look in his eyes. " Well, you do not see... You must be either gor a little chocolate! always do I feel better. "I said smiling at him, and he stared at me for a few minutes before the smile itself. N " You can crack a smile from me at any time, you know. "He said, when his hand brushed n my cheek. Brandon somehow snarled at him. " Hands off ! " He said as he pushed me. N " Quiet, you... He is my friend... only... my friend, "said Trevor swallowing n when he was in Brandon, who looked away smiling, still looking a little crazy. " Do not worry, Brandon. You're too jealous. "I said, shaking his capture n. He pouted when I made his arms. He put his hands in the pockets of , and began a puddle of water. He looked so cute. I kissed her n the cheek and he smiled. I went to Trev and hugged him. "Thank you. "He Preteen Nudism said, holding me tight as their world collapsed. " No matter what... That will be fine... Ok ? "I said firmly embraced n when grabbed me. " Thank you, Ty... And I miss my ride. " He said that when he did n ofEmbrace. " Ok... everything will be fine, or if not, call me !" I kissed her cheek. He nodded as his eyes were glassy, ​​and looked the other way. The look in his eyes was so sad. I wanted to hug him, but waited for my baby to me. I turned around the back and went to Brandon, who had opened his arms with a smile on the face of his s. I hugged him. "It feels really bad when you are out of my arms. " He said sullenly. " Well, I like to feel terrible. I think he should stay in your arms all the time. " I laughed. I heard footsteps approaching from behind and looked over his shoulder to Trevor, who was even more sad to see Brandon looked back at me. " fuck face... Take care of him. " He said, look at Brandon, anger n instead of , nodded. " In my life, fuck face. " He smiled at Trev. Trev was extinguished then of sight, like Brandon and I went out to his car. " So, what have you prepared for me, baby? " He said as he kissed me. " You'll see, birthday girl. " River open my carPuerta. I in and waited for the man I like to get into that. [Trevor POV] n You have no idea! Not a damn clue. I think he's doing it on purpose! Ty it bothers me so much. Brandon kisses from me and have no idea how I want to scream screaming to break things. Have you ever felt that? If you see someone love with someone else ? The feeling in your stomach, that wincing in pain? The pain in your heart, make you want to keep that person to fix it, because the only one capable you are. I've tried. God know I swear I did not love him. But I want to resist? Her smile ? His laugh... the cute random facts shared, such as chocolate makes you feel better, all these things, all these facts and details ? Just do it is. Then his eyes were so beautiful inside and out, but Brandon, he Ty won. I bet when you roll on the sheet together kissing and talking n and laugh ? shit. Falling more in love! I can not... Just can not take it anymore. This pain inside, only bigger and bigger n is greater. "Fuck !" I threw the glass cup to the wall. He shook. Fragments flew on all sides, grazing on the cheek. I ran to the bathroom and saw a small cut with a few drops of blood from sliding down. " Shit, I can not let me take a break," he shouted as I washed my face. I dried me with a towel and looked in the mirror. " Fuck! Grip of himself, Trevor. What would say if he saw you... Ty as this? Do this for him. If you like both, then you need to mind him. crush if I saw that. you know how hates you are sad.... my Ty Ty nice, I will come upon you, but I will not forget. " mirror when I told my mother the bathroom. That looked worried. " Honey, are you okay? " Asked how she came to me. " Mom, I go to my father. " I said, looking down, not daring to look into the eyes of his s. " H -h- honey... Why? " He asked,Eyes full of tears. " No, Mom, it's not your fault... I love you... I swear, not because I to go with him. I'd rather stay with you, but here the is killing me. "I said, she hugged me when she cried. " B -b -but... What's wrong baby Trevor ?" He asked, looking at me. My mother is an n is a softie when it comes to love, so I knew she would understand. " Love, love Mom, unrequited, and that kills me. " Sob said, stifling a n. " Awww... baby, but we can overcome it. " She said softly. "We found another guy for you. " She said as she sat on my bed, I sat with her ​​and she from my phone. ", this is Ty. " He said, shows a picture of my kiss on the cheek, blushed as. He had his beautiful long hair and glasses. " Definitely a good kid, son... But, have you ever told him how you feel? " You asked how it looked in the picture. "I can not, Mom. It is so in love. He even wrote a song for the man. He is n too good for a person who always takes care of everyone around him. He get all nervouseven if I get a cold. He cares too much about everyone. Mom - if he said he would feel bad to be loving with a friend of his s, when I was there? I do not want to feel bad about everything. "I declared. Seemed to come. " Baby, I always think of others. Are you planning to move with his father, only because they wanted to hurt. They are more than worthy baby , but I understand the adolescent love. It is the most powerful, honey. "She said, , as I lay with his head in his lap. She massaged my hair s as only a mother. ", I know, Mom. I really do not want to leave you, but you need to Todd. He is a man ideal for mom. So I know that everything will be fine. You can always see if you run Hotel in New York with Todd for the weekend for me. "I said while kissing n my cheek. " I know, son. I ? And I understand. Besides me, and Todd, House has for us. "She said, blushing, and looked at me with an egg in the face. N " Katherine Macmillan ! ewwwwww ! I am your son. Have mercy ! "I told my ears and singing " La La La La La "as she smiled at me and laughed. " I'll miss you, baby. "She said, eyes twinkling. " I'll miss you too, Mom. " She said I kissed her hand and she stood up. " Now let's go. You have to move on with your life, " with a given expression. Bye, Ty. I'll miss you. They have no idea how much. It hurts to walk, but it is the worst pain I see in foreign arms. [Brandon POV] "How the house for you? "I asked, when Ty opened the door smiling. " My father is visiting in Los Angeles, Mark, so I left him alone, and Li, Li said, but be E n the house for you and me. " He said he blushed and grabbed a my ​​hand. " So are you ready for me? " I asked curiously as he hugged me and closed the door. I stepped back and knelt before him. Took the hint and put it on a horse, and laughed when I got up, with \\ \\ n him in the back. " Well, you doe. But first you have to do the most important person in the my ​​life. "I said with a very soft, shy voice. I took it hard. I was nervous... Who would it be? What if I want? " Where, honey? " I asked, as the sliding glass door, said led to the garden. I opened the gate and led me to a beautiful and huge rose Preteen Nudism bush with red roses more beautiful. Is \\ \\ n seemed to glow at night. let Ty down the back, sipping n be one of my hands. "m -m- mother, who is Brandon, the bad boy. "He said, blushing. I felt that the right is. I was afraid that he had opportunity to speak with Bush that the judge stood up... The was so bad. " Hey , Mrs. Jacobs... I'm Brandon. "I smiled when my hand brushed against one of the the roses. The smell comes from the n filled my senses, and not normal roses. As much as I could. " I know this bra looks strange - " " Ty... It's not funny. It's human. She did not want to lose his mother, for which he had with you inThese roses. "I said sympathetically. " Thank you. " He said to tear when he hugged me. " Do not worry, love... I also wanted to meet your mother really bad. "He said, as rubbed my back for my baby to calm him, as his face buried in his chest " I told you mom was a good person, " he moaned softly \\ \\. n " And I will take care of it as life allows me. "He said, as separated. The end to end and kissed me gently. He looked at the roses, , and hands, a pasture. He felt and went underneath it. His hands \\ \\ n grabbed him and broke his mother. oddly enough, was less thorns. the s looking at me. "almost never takes off. You are important to me, but I would like to that one, Brandon, because I've never been in love with that? This hopeful. You make me happier than I was, Brandon. "He said, as n I gave the rose. I could not hold back and grabbed me. " Baby, you're my life. I know that sometimes do not show you the way my love n You love me, but that no grantWith this heart beats only for you. " said, feeling his hand on my heart, which is one mile per hour. The I smiled and grabbed my hand walk with me in the house. ' Night, Mother. " " Night, Mrs. Jacobs. "I said, when Ty turned on the light and went with my garden up. I will not deny that the first thought in my head was not sex... judges, I am a teenager. N n when he opened the door of his room, had everything ready. was a table white with fireplace in the center of its vast space, and no cool in there with a metallic champagne. the bed looked all loose and do n. like a cloud, not rose petals, but there was a flag said that the pendant [HAPPY BIRTHDAY, money: P ] it made me smile, I approached him and took him to in the table but he interrupted me. " No, it's your day. I pull the chair. "He said, laughing. Smiled great for this time. I went to my chair, and got it. " Thank you. "I said as I sat. Then he pushed the chair, but alsosay that I'm kind of big guy, and he is small, so do not push me in I laughed out loud. " HEY! " He said, and pulled me in the neck. She then used both hands began his feet, until he pushed me toward the table. that sighed and walked to his chair. He pulled it out and sat gracefully sliding his own chair at the table. " You're so sweet. " I said as I sighed in exhaustion. "I know. " He said that when he reached the metal plate. I expected a duck ot anything fancy, when he lifted the lid, but when he lifted the lid, I have my nose the smell. I was smiling. It was my favorite. " Es.. " I asked with a smile. " greasy cheeseburger and fries, " he said, smiling as he pulled the lid , and revealed the meal. I smiled and served two burgers and fries in my plate. He took one and a bit of french fries on the plate. Start of food, and made googly eyes at each other at dinner over. My heart swelled in his chest, as we have done... It was perfect. My Ty was too perfect. We just eat, when he took the Champagne served, and click on the music. "You and I " by Lady Gaga started to play , and that gradually influenced music, and I left with the glasses in your hands. He gave me, and they drank it slowly. then we have put off his glasses, his arms wrapped around my neck and began to dance to the song. " Something n this place. Something about lonely nights and my lips on your face? " Played the song. smiled at us all the time. He even raised him from his waist and dance him down yet. I had never felt so happy. He kissed me, as , hesitated in my arms. He turned, as the guitar solo came up, and he hugged me and started to move in all senses of the body n. My lips met her neck as she sucked on it, my hands caressing her crotch, , and romance soon mixed with pleasure. He was in the air that we need each other most visible. I grabbed my hands away from way, his shirt and threw it. My muscles began to flex, n , which looked like a primal urge to put my body to my baby to show that n excited to feel each muscle putt. I grabbed the bottom of your T -shirt, as he staggered with a sexy smile on her face, biting his lip. Preteen Nudism " Mmmm, Brandon" He groaned as I lifted my shirt. He raised his hands, and I off his shirt. Rough callused hands touched my soft, smooth and sensitive skin, the wrinkles of his thin white beautiful body lotion. "Fuck, baby, you make me sooo hot. " I said, biting the back of the ear of his s. He smiled, turned away from me, and her hands grabbed my belt, and that I was attracted to him. His lips met mine in a fiery kiss. His mouth opened, my ​​shot on the tongue and fought with him. His hands went to my chest, n folded under his touch. I touched and pinched her nipples hard. My tail jumped and leaked into my pants, feeling of constriction. Ty walked The Kiss, but protectedSTED when I saw what to do. "Quiet, son. Why do not you get comfortable in bed... Ummm, while I go to on the toilet for a second? " He said as he walked away slowly. Took of his jeans and was in his white boxer shorts. They fell is tilted, looking for her ass soft, Preteen Nudism round edible shit for me! were two pits at the end of the back and top of her ass, and I licked my lips as he went to the bathroom. The lights went out and saw and the shape of the curves of her body on the bathroom light when it was it. He raised his left shoulder and looked at me, and my dick s jumped furiously. He winked and disappeared into the bathroom. " Shit " I thought, as he closed the door. Damn it, damn my baby is OK. I meeting guys to kill to get it. It's beautiful, walking wet dream materials. He has high cheekbones, a square-jawed face, full lips, cream complexion, blond hair and glasses that give you very good taste, s looking pretty boi. Iwell from the band and slid my jeans. He in my black boxer, and I went to the closet and saw my reflection, my muscular body in good condition. I stopped and made ​​a few of push -ups more fans to watch my baby. My uncle gave me the plates hanging from my neck, planted in the hollow of my chest muscle. My back nipples were slightly erect, with Ty and my biceps flexed as I through the veins. I looked down in the big tent in his pants. I shook my underpants and nine inches, two inches wide jumped the queue out. He smiled. " Hey, buddy, you'll learn to love with Ty doing today... excited? " I said she jumped. I smiled and took a few crunches while waiting with patience. I stood up, stopped and lay on the bed. I tried several sexy poses and left, sat with his hands behind my head, so I biceps look great for my baby. Then the bathroom door opened, and stopped my heart cursed. Ty was standing there looking a little nervous. I wore my shirt, , t-shirt given to him when we were dancing. The shirt has a black V -neck with long sleeves, but found so that only referred to his the elbow. The shirt looked great in it. It was four inches above the knees, her legs so thin without trouble seeing, and was v - neck width enough for one shoulder was completely suspended, while the other \\ \\ n a was covered, it was gradually turned around. FUCK! I looked at the ass BIG on the shirt, round like a perfect O. I swear my mouth watering when going to bed. He crawled on all fours to me with a smile on his face and the n looked at my hard cock. "It's his birthday. You decide what to do with me. " He said, with a Angels, innocent look on his face. I looked at my cock, and leaked pre - cum like crazy. "Imma to eat. " I said almost immediately. He nodded and gave a groan , as he crawled to me. He lowered his face into the pillow, and hug. I stood up, looked on him, and went to bed. He was always very excited. I felt like a lion and he was my prey. Shit, I was so Preteen Nudism hot. We complemented each other very well in every way. The song is playing, since it ceased to repeat. I walked behind him n and looked at my ass covered with black T -shirt. He got up slowly, my ​​fingers graze skin soft and velvety in the ass. I turned the shirt back Centre and saw the cute dimples on its territory delicious. I kissed her softly as he arched his back and moaned. My tongue slipped as I go back to the crack. My hands gripped the perfect ball soft flesh and squeezed. " Brandon" He groaned, like a slap in the ass and my tongue slid n to crack. I clenched my cheeks and parted. Her little pink seemed forgiven is a bit swollen recent fuckings me, but seemed even hot. Knowing that stretched around me sooo damn hot. I let my tongue slowly around, so it is a tics, he complained. I pulled my face s in perfect earth and fragrant. I licked around the hole and my ​​tongue began to move in. He complained much licked hard on his idiot. "Like drink ? What is your daddy to eat?" He asked, his tongue hole, pushing my tongue into it harder groaned and pulled the bed Preteen Nudism leaves. Her ass opened slightly tongue in the opening song him, and then over the big thick tongue into his hole. My tongue moist and warm sticky around their movement inside the oven hot. Ate greedily, , since it was my last meal fricking. My face as he deepened his motor boated ass, which was so damn tasty. I ate out and a bit swollen, and tender ass a few times, which will cry and moan on a cushion of to suppress Preteen Nudism erotic screams. I licked around them until it was too wet. I backtracked and saw something go out of his hole to push a pink dot. I smiled, and climbed Preteen Nudism into bed with him... get on all fours, as she slid below it in69 position. A finger of mine went to his cave and began to to play in and around her wet pussy boi. My mouth opened, as he sucked n smoothing his white 6-inch model with a rosebud. I sucked in my mouth and licked it tenderly. " Ohh, Brandon, Aggghhh, it is your birthday, I welcome him" He moaned as he kissed my balls. Each of my big balls entered the mouth of his s as he massaged his tongue. " Cata meeee love you," he said in a voice growl. I has gone too far in my own world, as I sucked his cock and fingers warm hole. Damn it, I felt my fingers burned his heat anal canal coming out of it. " Mmm, well, you might want," he said as he slid my cock in the mouth of his s, took the hands of my thighs muscular. Sucked the head to get is slimy and wet. He sucked harder, deeper. I felt my glans hit the back of the throat. I looked down. His nose was buried in my eggs as his tongue caressed my hot cock. It began to falter, sucking s like a pro. I let out a grunt and other similar noises while sucking me what my cock her hot mouth with saliva smoothly. He sucked hard makes me shudder ! His tongue traced the veins in my cock as I sucked. "Fuck, Ty ! Take it all! " I said and fucked her back. I suck the cock of her s a little more of what you eat my flesh of man. Then I felt his teeth on the center axis bit my soft cock, then a little harder for me to jump and lose more cum. I was moaning like crazy with lust and fucking blind. " A delightful spot," she said as she massaged my balls sucking big cock n a little more. " If you play hard, huh ?" I said, when I, when I felt in my morsel groaning from the tap. I pushed three fingers at once in his tender tight hole, he screamed and that made him swallow more of my cock. I Fucked boipussy with my 3 fingers while sucking cock and sucked me, massaging my balls. Time stopped. " Um, Brandon, please, I need you inside... " He groaned, asto masturbate to my from the tap. I spun around us. I have it with a look of n, false concern in the face. " What do you need love? " I ask anxiously looked. "I need your cock, Brandon.. Please give it to me," lamented bites lips. baby " ? Sure you can take? " I said as my fingers ran up and down n to crack. " Brandon, pleaseee... " I asked as I grabbed his bicep. My finger slid and rubbed hard. " Mmmmm, baby What you need Tell me, you know, hear what I want? " I said as she sucked on her neck. " Brandon, fuck me, please, I have to... I feel that I daddy" groaned aloud as she arched her back. "OK, son. I'm gonna fuck you so good you may end up twice," I said as I kissed him passionate, wet sloppy wet kiss that left edges his mouth. I put his feet on my shoulders and set my cock in her pink hole. I pushed the glans in " aghhhh ! Is sooo big," he groaned, as he bit his lip. " Mmm, give it to you every day and stsick sweetheart hurts? " I asked him pushed deep, his eyes were glassy and nodded. " Daddy hurts my ass "( It hurts my little ass daddy) She moaned as my fell Hahn deeper, while speaking in Spanish, I did crazy shit. had both hands pressing on his chest, feeling bloated your registry idiot. moaned and arch my back when I hung up the rest of tail him. " Mmmm so fucking hot, humid and crowded," he shouted as I close my cock in her ass circling their toes while moaning and groaning, Indeed Wild. " Ughh, shit ! Brandon... More difficult, "he moaned as he pushed me, I the leg and pulled my cock whole, he pouted. " Mmm, tell me, baby. "I said, No teasing his hole with my glans. " lady hard Daddy, I want to scream " (I want more Daddy, make me scream) The s groaned. I beat everyone in a I moaned and fucked drawer also him again, complains very strong when he scratched on my biceps n me as animal snarl and hissPain. " Ohh fuck yeah! Take Tart AHHHH... I fucking love you! " I cried, as n I hit him hard, ass obscene n expansion to accommodate my tap large. I looked down at him, as I took it, closed his eyes and mouth partially open, regardless of the position always looked damn hot that nice. " Que Rico Ahh daddy! Harder" (delicious go daddy, stronger) shuddered when struck again in me makes me bite my lip to keep from screaming hard fuck strong. I grabbed a handful of the head and pushed him on my tail, screwed him deeper into me. He cried and moaned as I am. " Too cock, baby, can not take ?" I groaned when he hit back down, moaning and hit him in the mouth, the kiss was really passionate little hard on me lower lip as he recanted. " Mmmm, yeah, baby, is too large AHHHH damn " he groaned as he pushed a faint cry. I hit him hard, I have blinded by lust and grabbed his beautiful slender body and use my strength to make around the tail at the time. He groaned in pain, when I did. Now he was in his belly, raised with him n the ass on her knees with her face below. I played the dimple in the ass and then beat asscheek HARD. He moaned and arched her back, fingers curved as little pillow. Its slim body and blond hair beneath me, pushed me more like a madman , I took my dick relentlessly in and out of her ass. I grabbed hips, left hand and grabbed my tracks it quickly, was welding slip my ​​chest muscles, sliding a bead of sweat in the valley between muscular chest abs, since what hard hit, reaching the metal dog tags with each other, and pounding my chest, I took my baby wild. "Fuck yeah Aghh have that big cock in her pussy boi! " cried fucked and difficult. " Ahhh... Bbbrandon too," moaned and fucked me harder, I grabbed the hair and pulled her he was looking for the head. "Is my baby going to end? " I asked him fucking harthe. He nodded as I plow his ass big and beautiful. He groaned a little more than repel. " Ahhh... Brandon! PAPI !" Cried while taking in the leaves I it fucked through her ​​orgasm as an expression of pure joy came over his face. I continued to fuck her ass hard as my cock pushed as wild nervous and fled. " is Cupid Daddy's cum Ahhh shit... fuck hot babe ! shit Imma make you cum twice," I said damn hard at it, exclaimed n when I did hard, but I was ass fucking and wild. I have a kind of tired, lay down and put him in line. He turned, back to me and sat down slowly on my cock. Having that open little pink ass on my cock made ​​me want to shoot. He sat slowly n and make monkey noises and stopped from time to time, when n fucked on my tail he made a circular motion and I threw my head return. " Mmm Brandon your dick is sooo big and fat ", he lamented, as he,The bed my ​​ankle, picked up the donkey wonderful and dropped it again, seen her pussy and juicy ass is big on my swollen cock. is screwed gradually, until it was quite used to it and started to pick n drive. He lifted his ass and make cooing noises and beat back said my name. " Mmmm, how the baby inguinal fat cock deep inside of you my bitch We boi " I said my hands gripped her hips, I began to pound, bit finger when he picked it up and pushed him down, my biceps full of effort. " soooo goood Aghhh Aghhh Brandon... " He moaned sensually as it took, I my ​​arms around his body and took a spoon position hugged me and I took it slowly so that he has the Preteen Nudism feeling of my cock, each bump , every crack, every branch of the merger of the anal canal. I grabbed hands on his chest and took the good and slow. " I love you baby. Cum again to me," he whispered in her ear as he moaned. I patd his cock and fuck it slow and sensual with a dramatic push push and n. My cock slid slowly until it was out of his ass and twitching and blinking, then slowly slide back, so he felt all my ​​cock as she looked, and damn it I. " Ahghh Brandon" he groaned. " Mmm, Imma love cum soon. Boicunt You want my cum in it," I whispered to her ear. My mouth went around his neck, as I slowly began to suck, by moaning and pushing her ass on my dick. I masturbated more yn sucked the neck while he fucked her slowly. "Brandon Aghh please cum inside me... Fill Me Up I want all of his sperm in n , please. " He asked as I started fucking faster, you I suggested a little increasingly difficult masturbated hard, arched her back and sperm contact with the hand. He smiled and moaned and threw his head back hitting my hard cock making it jump a little. "Fuck yeahhhh ! Take my load bitch ! Fucking take my last baby," moaned n e as myin fact my body apart and tensed, I Preteen Nudism shot six injected into the thick asshole pushed me in the ass load battered my cock as I a shower of kisses on the neck. We stayed there in post -orgasmic bliss, until recovered. We have taken a bath together and stayed up all night in bed, make him in my arms n I feel like his whole world. " You are a wonderful lover," he said while playing with my chest, was using my shirt. It was my favorite shirt, now the shirt because I liked n at him. " You are a big yes," he said, kissing his nose. " I know I had my doubts about whether you," he said as he laughed and melted in my arms, I rolled over him. " Do you want a second round ?" I said jokingly, and he laughs. "high, " he said as I hit the chest and wrapped his arms around my neck. I looked down at him, FRIKING fuck am I so lucky. He was down there looked at me as if I was his world, my baby, I do not even deserve him, but I am more than happy that I have. " I can not believeare used to bully a girl like you ", I said my nose playing with Preteen Nudism it. " I can not believe that a bully me soft, "he said as he smiled and kissed him me. ", but I do not regret it because I never would Preteen Nudism have ended as this. In addition, I have never felt so happy, " I said as we turned around n. This time, he was sitting on my hips on me. Under down and kissed me again. He lay with his head in the crook of my neck. " you are the master, I need you," he sang in his ear as he his body swaying to the mine, I sighed with joy and kissed the tip of his n the head. " affection for the Night", I said, kissed him and hugged him, as if the world try to take it. "Love Night", he said, I felt his breathing slow I looked angel with closed eyes, I smiled and I heard him murmur. " I'm very happy," Before going to sleep... I smiled and tears my eyes when I began to [ Dina POV] to land the dream, which was worse than the first time derives from the reality. Brandonwas practically fucking Sissy kisses before in all of Ben, but Preteen Nudism still, it was a Bi.. Therefore it is possible to right? Well, that's why this man to help me... It was hard to find him, but I need it for my exercise plan. " So I really hate Ty? " I asked him how he was sitting on my bed. "I hate him more than anyone in my life... " He said with fire in their eyes. " Well, I have the perfect plan if you want to return the money... " I saw on it and went down to face-to- face, and he smiled as a Cheshire cat. " Does it hurt ?" I asked, as his smile widened. " Many... emotional... And believe me, he's in love, real love. If we go will be fucking late friend. It to end it. Everything we need is for him a little drunk, and because it does as Ty, it will be easily deceived. "he said while smiling at me. " Well, seems to have been discovered. I am so !" He said while biting n lip to keep your smile makesm increases even more. " Well, my joy, Drew. Tom also took her from you. You deserve that her revenge," she said as she smiled at me, I felt a little upset. deeply Ty was one of my good friends. Fuck it, they took my husband! It is down will go! ! Drew aid, plus he vowed revenge. I am giving only him a chance... Brandon is mine! ======================================== = =========================== ========= The next chapter will be up sooon ! Hello people I'm sorry, I miss her so much this month, you know, that's very different from what I College things, but kept me too busy to have a break! I'm sorry promise that will not happen again ! At least I hope not! In any case, is due to Kev my great editor of the new AC, it is because of this chapter! So thanks Kev is a wonderful editor and thanks for the help: D I hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning. I hope that has given you. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. whenIt has read my story together in a list, Aphrodite and the curse. It the past, so you must look up. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writers love feedback, and not be too shy to ask for anything personal. Please enter the story to say. HOPE CHAPTER marked. Stick around, because things are about Steam About the author Well, hello ! I, Andy. I am the author of this story, and I hope you like that so far. In most of the emails that seem to want to know about me, as I age, hobbies, etc. Now, I have 18 years, I like to write, as you can imagine can. I love writing poems and songs, and well, I express myself through words. I want to become a doctor. My favorite color is blue, which looooove ice Cream is my favorite movie Easy A, and my favorite TV show. ! Friends Show : D I love Chandler, and yes, I kind of have a sense of humor, and that sarcastic anddge it. : D Well, that's me, and if you have more Do not ask me please e -mail n Love, Andy
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